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What are the Dangers of EMF From Mobile Phones?

Mobile phones are everywhere. You probably own one, and like millions of other people you use your phone every day. But did you pay attention to the health dangers associated with mobile phones? Mobile phones produce electromagnetic fields, which could possibly cause cancer in humans. Given these potential dangers and the number of people who use mobile phones, it is more and more important to investigate the health issues attached to this technology.

What Is EMF?

EMF or electromagnetic frequency is radio waves. Mobile phones work by communicating with fixed communications antennas called base stations. They do this through electromagnetic fields. The radio waves used to communicate are not the same as other types of radiation such as x-rays, as they do not break down chemical bonds in the body or cause ionization. But that does not mean that EMF is harmless.

What are the Short Term Effects of EMF?

The principal means of effecting change via radio waves in the human body is heating. Tissues heat up, and in the case of mobile phones most of the energy is taken in by the skin. There is not a lot of temperature rise in other organs of the body.

Some people complain of electromagnetic hypersensitivity, which is characterised by a number of different symptoms including fatigue, headaches, muscle aches, fever, and depression. Research has not given any indication that there is a link between mobile phone use and these symptoms, but anecdotal evidence suggests that the link is certainly there.

What are the Long Term Effects of EMF?

There are many potential long term effects of exposure to electromagnetic frequencies. These include the risk of cancer. Researchers are looking for evidence of a link between mobile phone use and cancer. It is difficult to securely say whether mobile phones cause cancer since mobiles have only been widely used for a few decades, and cancer may have its roots many decades previous to its diagnosis.

Several large studies are currently on-going, looking at whether mobile phone use directly causes cancer or is linked to an increased risk of cancer. In particular, there is research on-going into whether mobile phones are linked with head and neck cancer. The official agreement is that electromagnetic fields, from mobile phones and other technology, are potentially carcinogenic to humans. But that there is a chance that bias is present within the studies which cannot be ruled out.

Many people are not leaving their health to chance. They are taking protective measures to guard against exposure to electromagnetic fields, including wearing an emf pendant or using emf phone protection. These people are certain that there is a link between mobile phone use and health dangers, and they want to protect themselves and their families.

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