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Available LPN Programs


Those who are interested in starting an incredibly rewarding career in the medical field can do so by completing a licensed practical nurse (LPN) program 18 months or even less. People living in Texas and California may be confused as to what this LPN programs are about, in Texas and California the program is known as LVN – an abbreviation of licensed vocation school. If you are worried about the two programs being different, you shouldn’t be because the only difference lies in its respective name.

Nursing profession is one of the most respected professions in the healthcare section, although it may not be as popular as a Doctor as far as an occupation goes, the importance of nursing profession in this line of work cannot simply be understated. Nurses work in the front of the line, not only are they highly knowledgeable, they are also compassionate – if you are a student planning to complete their education in order to become a licensed practical nurse while at the same time also trying to maintain their part time job, you may do so by enrolling in one of the offered online LPN or LVN programs. Start weighing your options and planning your future using the help of our guide.

  • Becoming an LPN or an LVN is rewarding, despite the challenges. Not only that, it may also be your much needed stepping stone towards any other career in the medical field. This is why it is important for you to determine your ultimate goals.

o    If you wish to be an LPN or LVN and enter the workforce right away, you may take a certification or a diploma and complete the education  program.

o    If being an LPN/LVN is a stepping stone for you because you wish to advance your career in the future, you must take a degree – while it takes longer than the diploma, a degree will benefit you in your quest of reaching your goals.

  • Understanding what you have to do from the beginning will help you greatly, below is a list of what you have to achieve:

o    Complete your preferred education program and take NCLEX-PN exam. This a core requirement that is administered by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. Not only is it important, having your degree accredited allows you the opportunity to work nationwide in case you have to move from your home state to another.

o    Obtaining a degree and getting it accredited are not enough. You are strongly advised to take specialized additional certification. These certifications cover many specialty areas such as pediatric care, intravenous therapy, and many more. When you master a specialty area, you become a more valuable asset to your workplace.

Despite the fact that any LPN and LVN program consists of both theoretical training and practical training, most of the courses can still be done online. Those who want to maintain their current part time job or full time job should consider taking online LPN/LVN program for the flexibility it offers without sacrificing the quality of its education program. Learn more here.

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