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The process of euthanasia for pet cats:

Saying the final bye to the ones you love is always painful and I must say that your pet cat is no less than the loved ones in your family. Hence seeing your feline friend die in front of your own eyes will not be a good thing at all but once in its life you will come across such a difficult time where you would feel it’s better to let some experienced professional put down a cat rather than you let it live a few days more and suffer. Euthanasia is the humane way put off a life and probably this time around this is best for your pet cat.

Let’s know the process of euthanasia:

Methods: Most common method of euthanizing a cat or small animals in injecting barbiturate drugs intravenously. This otherwise regular anaesthesia for the pets acts as an overdose in the process of euthanasia and causes the death of the animal. Intravenous injection of potassium chloride, electrocution and exsanguination are some of the other methods used to euthanize the pet animals.

How it is injected: Most cats have accessible vein in their legs and most vets give pentobarbitone injection via these legs. Sometimes a sedative is injected to the cat’s body prior to euthanasia if the cat is found to be anxious or excitable.

Is it painful? Euthanizing by injecting pentobarbitone solution through the veins of cats is completely a painless procedure. Probably the only pain the animal has to endure is the entry of the needle or the catheter into its body. To avoid the fear of the solution going outside the veins the use of catheters will be a favourable solution.

Is it instant? The injection given through the intravenous or inter-cardiac route will more likely cause instant unconsciousness.

No matter the animal dies a normal death or an assisted death it would exhibit some signs that it is dying. So as pet parents its better if you avoid to be a witness near its death table. The signs such as crying, excitation, defecation and abnormal vomiting etc. are going to give you a tough time for a long period of time. After administering the injection the vet will observe the pet closely and examine the lips, gums, tongue and breathing etc. and will declare the animal deceased if found so. If you have decided that your pet is going to follow this path then make yourself ready to face the moments of grief and that is the best you could do for yourself.

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