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A delay for a STD test may cost you dearly!

The fear of carrying any sexually transmitted disease is hunting you badly and you have been spending many sleepless nights over a last few days bothering about this. As a person careful of his own health and as a responsible partner you must not let any more delay happen before you go through the tests and get yourself out of the dilemma. It is your responsibility to rectify any mistake you have committed in your previous intercourses or have come across any infections accidentally so that the same is not transmitted to your partner through you. Also if you are not a one woman man or a one man woman, hiding the infections or diseases up to yourself only may put many lives in danger.

Sexually transmitted diseases can happen to anyone around who has ever been in an unsafe or unprotected intercourse involving at least one partner carrying some sort of infection. Both women and men can fall victim to this while going through the process of intercourse. Symptom like burning and itching during urination, itching in vagina, abnormal discharge from the vagina, sores around labia and pain in the abdomen etc. tells about a woman having a sexually transmitted infection. Similarly an itching penis tip, rash around the genitals, pain in testicles, sore around the base of the penis, fever and other flu like symptoms tells us about the sexually transmitted infection in men.

Sex and sex life being a highly sensitive issue for many people around, people let themselves suffer with the pain instead of getting it tested and treated. Most of them adopt to do so because of the social stigma attached with it, shyness in them and the lack of confidence to face the world with such problem of theirs. A large number of those who suffer through this probably do not know how to get confidential std testing done. It is a serious thing and must be addressed properly, but for that the patient needs to take up the initiative.

Confidentiality is a prime factor associated with the STD testing facilities and staffs everywhere. As it is mandated by the law, a certain positive test results are reported to the CDC since they have to keep the record and prepare the statistics, reports etc. for policy formulation and administrative purposes. Most of these reporting do not require your name to be divulged or distributed. So if you are finding yourself in such a situation then you must come out and go for the tests without making any delay and bring the peace of your mind back.

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