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How To Prepare For An Eye Exam

Going to an eye exam is a necessity for all people. It is just something that you have to do sooner or later. That is why you need to know some things so that you can properly prepare for the eye exam. Thanks to Point Grey Eye Care, here are the really important things you have to always be aware of.

For starters, the doctors that are allowed to perform the eye exam are the following:

  • Ophthalmologists – These medical doctors offer complete eye care, including prescribing corrective lenses, completing eye exams, treating the complex eye diseases and perform eye surgeries.
  • Optometrists – They will offer similar services with the ophthalmologists. The difference is that with the complex procedures this doctor will not be able to help.
  • Opticians – They will prescribe eyeglasses and they will also sell, fit and assemble them. There are some that will also sell contact lenses.

The specialist that you go to is going to be chosen based on personal preferences and what eye problem exists.

The good news about preparing for the eye exam is that you do not really have to do that much. You just have to choose the doctor and know exactly what to expect during the eye exam.

What To Expect

When you will go to an eye doctor you did not go to in the past or when the first eye exam is done, you have to expect questions. Vision history is always really important. Answers do help doctors to understand what risks you are faced with and what vision problems may exist. It is really important that you are honest and that you answer all the questions as well as you can. It is always a good idea to prepare to offer information about:

  • Eye problems that may exist at the moment and eye problems that appeared in the past
  • Whether or not a premature birth was the case
  • Wearing eye glasses and details about them, including if you are satisfied with your vision
  • Health problems that appeared in the past years
  • Medications you may be taking
  • Allergies to food, medications or anything else
  • Eye surgery that was done in the past
  • Eye problems that run in the family like glaucoma or macular degeneration
  • A family history that includes high blood pressure or diabetes

You should understand that in the event you wear glasses or contact lenses, they have to be taken to the eye doctor appointment. The doctor is going to check to be sure that the prescription is still a good one for you. If you wear contact lenses, you will have to be ready to take them off. The same thing goes for eye glasses. Eye tests will use fluorescein in some situations. They will temporarily color eyes and can discolor contact lenses on a permanent basis. Removing them is always something that is important.

If during the eye exam eyes become dilated, sunglasses are going to be needed when you go home. Bright light can become highly uncomfortable and blurred vision can be a huge problem.

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