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Studies Show That on Line Therapy Can Be Extremely Effective

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Statistics from the Us Department of Health indicates that only 38 % of adults with mental health problems actually get any treatment at all.

It further states that overt two thirds of the people who are referred for treatment do not actually go to get assistance.

One of the reasons is that the high cost, as many therapists don’t take insurance. There are may other factors such as difficulty getting time off work, commuting to appointments and privacy issues.

These have paved the way for online therapy in the form of videos or the increasing popular text therapy.

The fact that new technology, resulting in faster internet connections, along with the advent of the internet has allowed the online therapy industry to grow over the last few years.

Whilst there are still a few issues regarding the security of online therapy, research has shown that the benefits are remarkably encouraging.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a widely-used therapy that focuses on reducing negative thoughts and through that changing behavior and decreasing symptoms.

Studies have shown that online therapy works particularly well when people have been diagnosed with symptoms that may benefit using CBT.

Researchers found that online therapy resulted in a reduction of symptoms of depression.

In fact in some cases online therapy was even more successful than person to person therapy.

Doctors in Residency

Further research that supports online therapy was discovered when a study was conducted working with new young doctors. Young doctors often have to work very long hours with very few breaks in a stressful environment. This can result in depression and even suicidal wishes.

One group received online therapy before commencing residency. Compared to the doctors who did not receive this counseling the incidence of suicidal thoughts was greatly decreased. The fact that the therapy was online meant that costs were kept low and this may be a way forward for the future.

University of Zurich – Study

A study at this university showed that depression was reduced in patients who had received online counseling. In fact even after counseling was completed 57 % of the on line patients showed no signs of depression returning .This compared to .42 % of patients who had received traditional therapy

War Veterans

Johns Hopkins Institute revealed that after a study of almost 100 000 returning veterans that (suffered from Post-traumatic stress disorder) the soldiers that had opted for online counseling needed to be hospitalized for 25 % less days than those not receiving such counseling.

The evidence is well documented that online therapy can in fact be very successful and assists with treating people who may not have been able to get assistance otherwise. A recent study of patients who utilize online therapy showed that over 90 % had benefited greatly from the online help.


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