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Tips to Make the Real Looking Fake Doctor’s Note

The majority of the kids around the world tend to ignore going to school. They want to stay at home playing their favorite sports and computer games. This also holds true to working people. There are times when we are mentally not able to work properly and the morale is down. These are the times when we want to take a day off the school and work to get our rhythm back and boost ourselves up. For that reason, people take the help of a doctor. While some doctors advise rest, the majority of them tend to ignore this situation and declare us fit properly. Even in cases when the physical condition is also not fit, doctors do not advise to take a day or two off. For this reason, people take the other way and make their own doctors’ notes and get the much-needed break. However, most people are unable to make it look like real and authentic. For that reason, here we will discuss tips and excuse and template info to make a doctors’ note which is not less than a real one.


Follow the below simple tips to make your own doctor’s note to make your day count at home.

Standard Format

While making a fake doctors’ note, it is important to not to use anything fancy. Keep it simple and follow the standard formatting of the document.

Basic Elements

The document should have the four basic elements. These elements are:

  • Name & contact information of the doctor
  • Number of days advised taking rest
  • Name of the patient i.e. person being advised rest
  • Limitations (if applicable)

Avoid Overwriting

It is important to avoid overwriting and using a whitener in case a mistake occurs. It can easily get you in trouble. If a mistake occurs, start a new one until you get a perfect one.


Doctors have the worst handwriting in the world. What they write can only be read or decoded I would say, by them only. While signing the document, make sure that it seems like actually signed by a doctor.

Avoid Exaggeration

Doctors keep the matter simple and believe in conveying the situation verbally rather giving it in writing. While preparing a doctors’ note, make sure that you do not reveal any detail because it can be detected easily as it is against the privacy laws. Do not exaggerate the information and play safe.

Following the above tips, you can make your own authentic looking doctor’s note. It would help you enjoy a much-deserved vacation while taking rest at home. You can save yourself from the hassle of going to a hospital and waiting for hours for your turn. What’s worth mentioning is that you should not use this document too often or you will come under suspicion.

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