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Epi Pen

Epi pen has been in the middle of drug price controversy but have you asked why this medical device has gained so much importance in the first place. Epi pen is a drug delivery device that directly inject anti allergic medicine into a patient’s body. This drug delivery machine is so effective that Mylan, the manufacturer and owner of the brand- epi pen, has got it patented. Epi pen is probably one of the few delivery mechanism in which the drug is not patented by the delivery mechanism is. Time is of essence when some is under a life threatening allergic reaction such as the anaphylaxis and that is exactly what is saved by Mylan’s Epi pen.

Epi pen is used to inject epinephrine, an anti-allergy drug. The surprising fact is that epinephrine is a century old drug and no pharma company has a monopoly over it through a patent but the device that injects it into the patient has a patent that is valid till 2025. Pharma giant Mylan has that patent in its name. The convenient design of epi pen is so dependable in drug deliveries that millions of parents across the world are ready to pay the price of epi pen to save their child’s life.

Epi pen has been in existence for over a decade now. Mylan has very thoughtfully neither changed its design nor technology over the past decade of its existence. The famous orange coloured design of epi pen is recognizable from distance. It has become so popular that now those who do not suffer from this medical condition are also aware of how to use it. You do not need to read the instruction manual in case there is an emergency and you have to deliver the drug. The convenient design makes it possible to simply inject the drug into the patient by pressing the device against the skin. The self-injecting needle evacuates the entire medicine into the patient within seconds. There is no cap or cover on the device, hence no precious time is lost in uncapping the device. You can know more about epi pen at

Mylan, the drug company that manufactures epi pen has also promised to come out with a generic version of epi pen that will cost significantly less than the patented version. However, jury is out on how much the parents will trust on the generic version.

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