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DJI Phantom 3 SE WiFi FPV: The Most Stable Quadcopter

These days, you are more likely to see drones hovering above the rooftops and flying around the neighborhood than ever before. Yes, these camera-carrying RC Quadcopter are all the rage right now. It is perhaps still fresh on our minds how the highlight of our collective childhoods back in the day was having one of those radio controlled cars. They were dubbed the cool kids’ toys and to have one of those instantly added to our street cred back then – suddenly every single kid wanted to have them, and that is exactly what is happening with the modern day radio controlled quadcopter.

Public interest towards quadcopters contributes to the rising of quadcopters’ fame. It seems like every person we know would like to have them, and it is no wonder that the sales of these camera-carrying piece of mechanic are spiking even higher every single time. While at the beginning we could resist the charm, our curiosity would most likely pull us back in and then just like how it was back in the day, we suddenly started considering purchasing one for ourselves.

“It would be a treat for myself,” we thought – and here we are, scouring every online shop for the best radio controlled quadcopters on the market. Not only does it have to be of quality built, it has to fit our budget. Of course we cannot put aside the fact that we are still a novice flyer. With our childhood radio controlled cars, we found it easier to navigate and control the movement as it was operated on a hard and flat surface. Very rarely did we play with it on a difficult terrain or mud – even if we did, the level of difficulty still cannot be compared to actually flying and controlling a quadcopter. There are a lot of things to consider; from the surrounding terrain, to the wind. With that said, having a quality built and stable quadcopters would make a huge difference for a novice like us.

If you are one of those people who are new to this type of hobby and you are looking for a quadcopter that is worth every penny, you cannot go wrong with one of the best quadcopter manufacturer: the DJI Phantom 3 SE WiFi FPV. At 499-dollar, you’ll be able to get a quadcopter that supports 4-km long distance control with its amplified WiFi and GPS system, and is equipped with 12-megapixel FOV camera which is capable of taking sharp images and 4K UltraHD videos.

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