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How to Choose the Best Shoes for Women


To choose a pair of shoes that are not only fashionable but also comfortable is sometimes not easy to do. It is even if we have a chance to fit them on the store. It is moreover often experienced by the women indeed. Despite there are many designs available, another important factor is whether we find it really comfortable or not to wear them all day long. More than that, if what you want to buy are high heels, the safety must also be considered. Another problem is the fact that shoes are commonly produced in general sizes. If your feet sizes are not that ideal, they can give you some other problems even blister. So, what must the women do the find out the right ones? In this case, they must be rights shoes surely.

The Purposes of Buying the Shoes

What is actually your main purpose of buying the shoes? Are they just to add your collections? Or probably, are the shoes are bought to match your dress?

  • If the first purpose is what you do, it is actually more suggested to you to control yourself at first. But if it seems so difficult, it is better to choose a kind of shoes in which the design is not already owned yet. Choosing neutral color is also good idea so that you can match it with any clothes you have.
  • If you buy the shoes for a purpose of matching them with your dress, it means that the price will not be the main consideration. Make sure that the shoes have color or design is in line with your dress. Well, the color must not be the same but it must match it well.

Consider the Types and Designs

You must already have your own planning since you are at home related to what kind of shoes that you want to buy. It is important so that you will not take a long time just to choose one of them. Of course, for this matter as well, you must control yourself so that you will not be easily tempted by other attractive shoes.

Know Your Feet Well

This is something that rarely comes to our minds. Not all types of shoes are good for certain types of feet actually. There are mainly two types of feet along with the fingers, they are:

  • Feet with thumbs are indeed the tallest.

If you have this kind of feet, stiletto seems less appropriate for you since it makes you feel less comfortable. If you still want to buy this kind of shoes, you must buy them that are a little bit longer than your usual sizes.

  • Feet with index finger that are the tallest

This second type of feet tends to not having any problem with any kind of shoes.

The Price

If you have more budgets for shoes, it is not bad for sure to choose shoes that are expensive. However, if you are not, it is really recommended for you not to do it. The most comfortable shoes are much better even if the price is quite affordable. For more information, you can check out at

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