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LE NENG TOYS K1 Intelligent Programmable Novelty Robot

Take a look at this Novelty Robot toys page, and tell us what you are thinking. Nine out of ten times, the first thing that comes to your curious mind is none other than pure fascination. “This is the future” is perhaps what you are muttering under your breath. Back in the day, these types of robot were only shown in movies – making us wonder how it would be like having such masterpiece at our disposal. Then a couple years ago scientists started making their own version of robots to help them with research and many more – soon, robotic education for kids followed.

Yes, robotic education is no longer a strange concept. Scientists have been trying to use the appeal of robots to attract, as well as to teach science to children. The reason behind it? Studies find that children who learn science early will develop more positive attitude during a challenging time and most importantly, develop more self confidence. However, with their short attention span, it is hard for adults to introduce them to the core concept of science. The only way to truly catch their attention and get them involved is by demonstrating said concept in a fun, and engaging way. Young students almost always have difficulty with sitting quietly and listening to a lengthy explanation about a string of theories for a long period of time – and what better way to help them get the hang of Science than by putting them into practice and enlisting the help of sophisticated robots?

These hands-on projects do not only make it easier for young students and children alike to understand the grand concept, but also make them understand how to apply it in order to solve problems in the real world. If you are fascinated by robots to the point you feel like you have always wanted one for yourself, and you have a young child you would like to introduce to the wonder of science while at the same time make them attracted to science and robots, you can never go wrong with this incredible LE NENG TOYS K1 Intelligent Programmable Humanoid Robot.

This radio controlled novelty robot toy may not be able to fully be considered as a legitimate robot, but this is by far the best thing you can get for the price. With transmitters only needing two AA-batteries, this programmable humanoid is capable of doing fun and exciting tasks such as shooting, playing music, fighting, walking, dancing, and many more. Not only will this rather compact programmable humanoid tickle these young users’ curious minds, it will also make for a perfect companion for your little ones. Made of an environmentally friendly and premium quality ABS-plastic material, the novelty robot is also equipped with impressive LED flashing lights and a myriad of programming controls as well as features – all of which are easy to navigate and even easier to use! However, it is worth noting that this radio controlled novelty robot is not suitable for any children under 8-years of age as they still lack the understanding on how it works.


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