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Healthy Fruit Chips for Your Diet


When you are on diet for weight loss, one of the things you must avoid the most is snack. Yes, snacking is one thing that cause many people gain weight thus you need to forget those fries and chips during your weight loss program. Since it is very hard to completely turn away from snack, some people are looking for heathier alternatives including considering healthy fruit chips for diet. With much lower calories and more nutrients, it is definitely so much better compared to those snacks we often eat.

Most snacks are highly associated with unhealthy eating habits. The fact is most snack products are made from carbo based ingredients rich of calories with a lot of sugar for sweet snacks and a lot of sodium for savory snacks. Eating snacks increases calories intakes and gives us higher risks of health problems. But it can’t also be denied that snacking is somewhat enjoyable and refreshing. We like to eat snack when we are bored to spend leisure time or when we are watching movies or sports games. It is like a guilty pleasure we can’t easily leave. So, it would be so much better to find healthy snack products that allow us to keep the pleasure with so much less guilt.

If you are still looking for healthy snacks potentially suitable for your diet program, you may consider Fruchips Roejak, mixed fruit chips with rujak seasoning. Rujak is traditional sweet and spicy sauce rich with herb from Indonesia. This snack product is a modern take of traditional fruit rujak dish. With ingredients of 100% fresh fruits and rich of herbs and spices, this snack offers delicious exotic taste yet rich of nutrients and of course, low calories and low fat.

The chips are made from fresh fruits of apple, banana, jackfruit, and salacca. The sliced fruits fried in corn oil at low temperature, around 90 degree Celsius. The slow cooking method preserves most of the nutrients to make the chips rich of fibers and vitamins. This product is also 100% free of artificial flavoring, coloring, and preservatives. This is a good choice for those looking for vegan, gluten free, low calories and low cholesterol snacks.

You can order Fruchips Roejak from Lemonilo, an online marketplace specialized in food products from small and medium enterprises. This product is currently offered at very special price so don’t wait too long to order Fruichips!

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