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Back to School with Braces: 4 Easy Ways to Care for your Braces

So, your teen got braces over the summer. They endured an uncomfortable first week, and have stuck to their orthodontists eating and cleaning instructions. But, school is back in session and you’re worried a few school lunches and busy homework nights will send you back to the orthodontist. Fear not! The best of McKinney Orthodontics is here, and we have a few helpful and easy tips for students to follow to care for their braces during the back to school season. Here are 5 easy ways to help them care for their braces at school.

  1. Pack a travel care kit


Prepare a small bag that your teen can take with them to school. The pack can be a small toiletries container or travel case, filled with a toothbrush, toothpaste, flossing picks and a small mirror. If your child wears rubber bands, make sure there are a few extra bands packed just in case. If possible, add some of the wax that the orthodontist has given them to cover irritating braces or wires. This will help them feel prepared and ready to address any immediate braces needs before they get home.

  1. Stick with the orthodontists eating rules

Remind your teen to stay away from certain foods that may be on the lunch menu for the day, including carrots, whole apples, chips, nut or whole pieces of meat. If possible, pack them a school lunch for the first week or two, so they can familiarize themselves with how their food has to be prepared, before eating school lunches. Remind them to stay away from sticky or hard foods like caramel candy or ice chips.


  1. Always pack a water bottle

Drinking plenty of water is an easy way to prevent headaches or fatigue. It’s also a great way to dislodge food particles and keep braces clean while on the go. Drinking or swishing water around in the mouth can clear away leftover pieces of food that may be stuck in brackets or underneath the tooth wire. It also helps neutralize the acid associated with the food we eat, which promotes overall teeth health. Make sure to pack a full water bottle in your teen’s bag, and remind them to use it and refill it during the day.

  1. Time for a new mouth guard

If your teen plays contact sports, they will most likely have to wear a mouth guard to protect their teeth and jaw during play. If they recently received braces, the mouth guard they previously used will no longer work. Purchase a new mouth guard and follow the package directions to mold it to their teeth with their braces. Have the mouth guard ready and prepared for sports season, so their teeth are always protected and your teen is ready to play.

Overall, make sure your child feels comfortable and confident. Nowadays braces are common, and while their friends may not currently have them, they may have in the past or soon will in the future. Help your child understand that they’re not alone. Braces are a period of transition but their smile is still beautiful today and always.

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