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Four Highly Effective Ways to Prevent Toenail Fungal Infection

Just because you are now free of toenail fungus, it doesn’t mean that you can sit back and relax. Even if you are cured now, toenail fungal infection can come back anytime if you don’t pay attention to your hygiene. You can apply Zetaclear to prevent the fungus from coming back, but make sure you accompany it with these healthy habits.

Trim Your Toenails Properly

Make sure to keep your toenails well-trimmed all the times. Long nail will be an excellent nest for fungi and bacteria as well as other dirts, which will increase the risk of the toenail fungus to return. You must use clean nail trimming equipment and do not share it with other people. If the equipment is shared, for example like in a nail salon, make sure it is properly sanitized before you use it.

Wear Breathable Footwear

Be careful in choosing your footwear. Make sure the material is breathable like canvas or leather. These materials will allow the air around your feet to circulate well. As a result, your feet will still dry even though you are wearing closed toe shoes. Fungi flourish in humid area so keeping your feet dry is a nice recipe to keep the toenail fungus infection away.

If your feet tend to sweat a lot, it is best to wear sandals or open toe shoes. But the most important thing is, no matter which style of footwear you prefer, you need to spare some time to wash the shoes and alternate them. This way, the shoes will dry properly before you wear it again. Furthermore, when you are not wearing the shoes, keep them in a dry and clean place.

Clean Your Feet

Besides cleaning your shoes, you also need to remember to keep your feet clean. If you go into a humid area like the swimming pool, use clean sandals and don’t walk barefoot. Such a humid place might have plenty of fungi and you don’t want them to stick on your feet.

Moreover, once you arrive home after wearing shoes all day, immediately wash your feet with soap that contains antiseptic. Wash thoroughly, especially on the nails and the spaces between the toes. After that, dry your feet with clean towel. Don’t forget to also clean your feet before going to bed so that your bed will stay clean as well.

Use Antifungal Powder or Spray

Wearing sandals is the best way to prevent toenail fungal because this footwear is highly breathable. However, it is understandable if you cannot wear sandals all the time since you have to go to work or school. Even breathable materials can still make your feet sweat a lot if you wear the shoes for too long.

If this is your problem, the solution is very simple. You simply need to use antifungal spray or powder before wearing your socks and shoes. Antifungal spray and powder will reduce sweating so your feet will stay dry. It also will prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria so, make sure you use those products when you wear closed toe shoes, especially during the hot weather or if your feet are prone to sweating.

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