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The hottest food trend predictions for 2018

Just as fashions change, so do food trends and 2018 looks set to see a continuation of the health consciousness experienced during 2017.

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Poke bowls

This Hawaiian speciality looks set to become an ever-more popular addition to British menus during 2018, thanks to their well-rounded and healthy ingredients consisting of marinated raw fish cubes, rice and vegetables.

Poke bowls are essentially a take on sushi and are easily customisable. They are also a healthy fast food, making them popular with people who are concerned about the amount of additives, fat, sugar and salt they eat. Read more about the health benefits of sushi-type food on the CNN website at

Hybrid food

Combining different cuisines is not new but cold rooms across the country are increasingly being packed with the ingredients to make ingenious co-creations, even in the smallest local café. Recent phenomenon includes cronuts and waffogato, which is an espresso-soaked ice cream waffle.

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Plant-based dining

Many people now choose animal-free diets and food trends for 2018 reflect this with an increase in the number of vegan and vegetarian options on menus. There is also set to be a rise in the popularity of flexitarianism, which is essentially a plant-focussed diet but with some meat added in to enhance the nutritional and taste appeal of the dishes.

Fermented food

It may not seem that appetising to everyone, but fermented food has been undergoing a major rise in popularity in recent years, both in Britain and around the world, and that looks set to continue in 2018. Some examples range from dairy product staples found in cold rooms supplied by the likes of such as cheese and yogurt to pickles and other vegetables such as kimchi, which can be eaten on their own or as an accompaniment.

These wholesome snacks can be great as energy boosters and are also known to give the digestive system a boost with the addition of cultivated probiotics.

Floral flavours and coloured edibles

Natural ingredients are set to be just as popular in 2018, if not more so, and experts are predicting a rise in demand for the likes of fusion treats such as yam cheesecakes and beetroot lattes.

Floral flavours will also be on the menu, from shortbreads flavoured with elderflower to milkshakes with orchid and lavender hints.

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