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Understanding the Risks of ‘Same Day’ Dental Implants

As dental implants have grown in popularity, the technology behind them has improved – and nowadays you may even hear of ‘same day’ implants. While at first glance these implants may seem attractive, you should know that there are risks associated with them.

“What Are Same Day Implants?”

Simply put ‘same day’ implants are implants that are designed in such a way so that the implants are installed and a crown is placed on top of them almost immediately. Compared to normal dental implants that can take anything from 6 to 18 months – they are clearly much faster.

In order to pull it all off, ‘same day’ implants are normally placed in such a way so that they cannot move while they heal. That is supposed to help ensure the success of the implant, but it can be problematic.

Risks of Same Day Implants

The reason conventional dental implants take a long time to be installed is because they involve several stages. First the dentist will scan the jawbone to determine how viable it is, and a bone graft may be performed which can take 3 to 6 months to heal. After that the implant post will be placed and that can take another 3 to 6 months to heal. Only once it is healed will the crown (i.e. tooth) be placed, which is often custom designed to fit the space available.

Needless to say ‘same day’ implants skip through a lot of that, and immediately install and place the crown. Unfortunately that can raise several issues that increase the risk of the implant eventually failing, because the jawbone needs to integrate with the implant in order to support it.

For starters the jawbone itself may not be able to ideally support the implant, which could cause it to sooner rather than later. On top of that the bone and gums around the implant may not heal and integrate perfectly, which could lead to the implant itself failing at some point as well.

Overall the bone integration with the implant in same day implants tends to be less successful for these reasons. It should be noted however that same day implants can be successful in some cases, especially if the tooth that is being replaced has only been lost recently as the jawbone in that area may still be viable.

If you are thinking about getting dental implants of any kind, you should be first discuss your options with your dentist. Assuming you’re interested in same day implants because of how convenient they sound, talk to your dentist about them and find out exactly what the risks are given your specific situation and dental history.

At the end of the day if you’re looking for a successful long term replacement, conventional dental implants still are far less risky and much more likely to go the distance. That being said there is some appeal to same day implants as well, in terms of the emotional benefits, convenience and the fact that it is much less time-consuming.

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