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Diets Do not Work – The Chocolate Slim Science Behind The Failure

A diet is a problem that affects millions of people worldwide. In fact, I bet there is not one person reading this who does not know anyone who is currently on a Chocolate Slim diet or is on one in the past. I can also predict that everyone knows the reading of someone who has a diet for most of their lives, the reason for this; diets do not work! This is not just an opinion; it is backed up with strong scientific evidence and reasoning, which makes perfect sense. The idea of ??this article is to inform people why diets are completely and completely harmful to their fat loss goals.

First of all, it is important to determine Chocolate Slim exactly what a diet is.

If you are on a diet, that means you undergo a period of time in which you eat a hard-low number of calories, normally with the intentions of losing body fat. So, by definition diets are temporary. This is the first big problem. The weight that is lost from a diet can almost always be put back on when the diet has ceased. This process is known as yo-yo diet and you can find a separate article at explaining what this term refers to. For now, I started looking at the reasons why diets fail.

When people diet, they make the obvious mistake of drastically reducing their Chocolate Slim buying calorie intake, hoping that this will result in the loss of body fat. In essence people are starving themselves to lose fat. This will not work. You could sit there after having done this on yourself, and do not agree with me if you manage to lose weight if you have tried this approach in the past; and I’m not going to call you for a liar and refuse your lost weight.

When you limit your calorie intake you will lose weight, BUT the majority of that weight loss will not come from fat. So, if you have any criterion for the success of weight loss, and you do not matter whether that comes from fat or muscle then by all means to starve yourself to be of ‘success’. But if fat burning is your goal, and it needs to be for a number of health-related reasons, then it is time to be sensible to dieting and realize that it is not the right one for you.

The Human Body is also Smart: over the course of millions of years, the human body has evolved to deal with times when there are shortages of food, leading to a reduction in calorie consumption. If your body feels a shortage of calories, it carries the appropriate name ‘Hunger Mode’ to prevent you from losing all your reserves and effectively eating yourself to death. The big problem for dieters is that your body is assumed that diet, hunger, no difference. When your body enters starvation mode it elicits a hunger response. The only way you can prevent your body from entering the hunger mode is to avoid a drastic reduction in calories, i.e. avoid a diet.

Consequences of Hunger Mode: So, we’ve determined that drastic diets will force your body to go into a hunger response, and you only need to reduce your caloric intake by 20% a day to make this happen. For the average woman this means a reduction of 400-500kcal per day and a total intake of about <1400kcal. Not that much of a reduction is it? Now it must be clear why so many people suffer from this. Essentially, the problem is with a drastic reduction in calorie intake and the subsequent famine response lies, with the consequent effect on your metabolism.

When calories are cut, and the body will accommodate this by slowing down the metabolism (via reduced activity of the thyroid hormone T3). So, if you eat less, your body will burn less. In some cases, resting metabolism has been shown to slow down by up to 40% when there is a severe calorie restriction. This is why it is becoming increasingly difficult to lose weight on a diet. You get from that 2-week period, where the weight seems to fall, but this will slow down your metabolism until you can eat almost nothing, and still find it impossible to lose weight. Does that sound familiar? If you really want to lose body fat you need to increase your metabolism, and if you really want to do that you need to eat more. The more you eat, the more you burn.

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