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Mini Dental Implants: Everything You Need to Know

The mini dental implant is one of the best options for several individuals when it comes to replacing lost teeth, especially for individuals who do want to undergo invasive dental surgery.

What is a mini dental implant? And how it differs from regular dental implants?

One of the major purposes of dental implant is to re-establish the normal structure and function of a missing tooth and or provides a strong base for artificial teeth, which is often topped either with dentures, crowns, and or bridges. The regular dental implants are adding a reliable post into the jawbone the dental surgery; then, after a maximum of six-month “abutments” are attached to the post, which will help secure the new artificial teeth.

If in case you are one of many individuals who can’t handle too invasive dental surgical procedure, a mini dental implant is the best option for you, where it requires less drilling of jawbone and less grafting.  Unlike the usual dental implant, the mini dental implant heals faster and quicker; thus, you do not have to wait for two to three months to place your new artificial teeth on the post made for a mini dental implant.

Who are qualified for mini dental implants?

•    Individuals with missing one or more teeth.
•    Individuals who do not have enough bone structure to have the usual dental implant.
•    Individuals who do not suffer from any gum disease or major tooth decay.
•    Individuals who can undergo mini dental implant treatment.

Is it safe?

Even though mini dental implant is one of the best solutions for tooth replacement, several dental experts would often remind their patients that the mini dental implant is not a permanent tooth replacement solution; the smaller screws, which acts as a post, is likely to permanently secure the crown into the jawbone. Thus, you need to consult your orthodontist, regularly to make sure the implant is still secured. Nevertheless, a mini dental implant is safe; all you need to do is undergo safe and less invasive dental surgery at a trusted dental care clinic with a licensed and skillful orthodontist. If you are currently residing at Highland Heights KY, you got to have your implant at a trusted mini implants Highland Heights.

Final Thoughts

Mini dental implants are one of the most convenient ways to improve your smile by replacing missing tooth; however, to make sure you are a qualified candidate, you should consult a trusted orthodontist now.

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