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Why Preventing Medical Marijuana Legalisation Doesn’t Make Sense

It is quite frustrating hearing all the arguments against medical marijuana when several states in the US and countries around the world already gave it the green light. Despite all the fear-mongering, nothing bad has happened in these states. The legalisation of medical marijuana did not lead to widespread use. It did not radically increase road accidents and other issues that were suggested by those against its legalisation.

Several studies have already proved the effectiveness of medical marijuana or products derived from the marijuana plant. Although some of them might not be definitive, the point is that those who have medical conditions need to have the option of whether to use it or not. For some, they have already tried all other options and still did not recover from their medical condition. The use of medical marijuana is their only hope for recovery or at least relief. The government should not block their right to decide what is best for their health.

Smoking and drinking are legal

Naysayers believe that marijuana can pose harm to individuals and society, but cigarettes and alcohol have the same impact. Despite that, these products are legal in various places around the world. There might be a ban in some areas, but the production and distribution are legal. There have even been more recorded cases of injuries and deaths due to alcohol consumption. Unless the government entirely blocks these products on the market, it makes no sense to do the same with medical marijuana.

Doctor’s consent

If some people worry that there could be abuse of the use of marijuana, the government can tighten the implementation of the policies. Requiring a doctor’s permission is necessary to ensure that only those who have medical problems can purchase marijuana and its products. Doctors have their licence on the line, so they need to be cautious when prescribing marijuana.


Some people who have diseases and have seen the positive effect of marijuana travel to other countries to use weed without violating the law. It is inconvenient for them, and it also excludes poor people who can’t afford to go to another country for treatment.

Furthermore, if marijuana is the only way to relieve people of illnesses, it could be too late if they need to travel to get treatment. They could die while waiting for medical relief.

Change in attitude

Despite the facts showing medical marijuana as safe and effective, several people still believe otherwise. It is okay for them to hold on to this belief. If they don’t want to smoke weed, it is their choice. However, it cannot impede other people’s rights to get the medical relief that could save them. It is a moral responsibility of the government to provide them with access, and without fear of getting jailed for seeking medical help.

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