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Online Pharmacies and Telemedicine

Online pharmacy companies have significantly increased in number over the past few years. This forces them to use aggressive advertising methods such as sending spam emails so that they can attract and retain more customers. You can go ahead and check some of the emails you receive when you have time. You will be surprised by the numerous benefits you’ve been missing while you continuously got your drugs from your local stores.

Telemedicine has also greatly improved the relationship between patients and doctors. This is because most patients are more comfortable explaining their medical condition to a stranger over the phone or internet compared to a face to face doctor. This is because some medical conditions are too embarrassing.

Despite the many benefits that come with the use of online pharmacies, there are also a number of risks that are associated with the same. Some online stores sell drugs to consumers without asking for prescription notes from doctors or even without providing consultation services for the customers. This creates a loophole for drug abusers to continuously get access to the drugs that they abuse. In addition, there are cases where some websites are created to mimic online pharmacies yet they are used to exploit customers, of their hard earned money.

One factor that has greatly contributed to the development of online pharmacies is the need for alternatives in acquiring drugs, by customers. Generally, some hospitals sell their drugs at relatively high prices which forces patients to look for these drugs somewhere else. However, the alternative places with low priced drugs may be out of one’s country hence one cannot travel to get the drug. This brought about online pharmacies that allowed patients to order from any country they wish to.

It is advisable that you order your drugs early enough before your current dose is depleted so that you do not get inconvenienced by late delivery of the drugs you order.

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