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How is CBD extracted?

The benefits of using CBD products are now quite obvious to most people. Unlike in the past, many people are now more aware of the facts that encompass CBD products. The knowledge about the technology and process of CBD extraction is however not common to most people. This article will help you learn how to extract CBD from the hemp plant.

The current advancements in technology have led to the invention of various CBD extraction methods. The most common ones include CO2 cannabis extraction, Olive oil extraction method, Dry Ice extraction method, and solvent extraction method. Each of these methods has unique procedures and therefore the levels of concentration of cannabinoid produced will vary.

The CO2 cannabis extraction method is the most commonly used method of extraction because it is relatively safer than the rest. Most expert recommend the use of CBD products that are sold at an online platform known as Pinnacle CBD.

The process of CO2 cannabis extraction basically involves the use of pressurized carbon dioxide to obtain the CBD and other essential chemicals from the hemp plant. The science behind is that carbon dioxide can possess solvent properties if it is subjected to certain pressures and temperatures. The use of this solvent is considered to be ideal because it does not cause any damage or denaturing that can would make the end product unsafe for human consumption.

You obviously know that carbon dioxide exists as a gas at standard temperature and pressure. When the temperature is very low the gas can easily turn into a solid that is commonly known as dry ice. There is some rather sophisticated equipment that can freeze the gas and it until it turns in to a super-cold liquid. This is where the major downside of this process comes in. Such equipment cost a fortune and this makes the extraction process quite expensive.

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