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How to get a medical marijuana card in Florida?

To receive an MMJ card, each Florida resident can contact their own doctor or go through an online interview on the Dr. Weedy service website to pass mandatory 420 evaluations. Due to the flexible functionality and advanced options, after submitting the application, it will take only a few minutes before a qualified doctor will assess your health condition and issue a recommendation for issuing an MMJ card in the state of Florida.

State policy

In 2016, during the referendum, more than 70% of the surveyed patients voted to decriminalize medical marijuana in the state. On March 20, 2019, the state officially legalized the use of cannabis for medical purposes. You can buy marijuana in the state in specialized dispensaries or pharmacies using the Florida medical marijuana card.

Who can get a cannabis card?

Every citizen of the state can issue an MMJ card in the state of Florida must be adult (21 years or older) and have valid documents (driver’s license or ID card). To receive the card, a prerequisite is prior approval of the official recommendation for the purchase and use of medical marijuana from a qualified medical professional who is an active member of the state Medical Marijuana Program.

Benefits of Medical Weed

Medical cannabis differs from psychoactive by a high content CBD compared with psychoactive TGK. Due to the increased content of CBD, which is a natural anesthetic, the range of medical use of cannabis is significantly expanded. Medical marijuana is an excellent additional tool to combat the symptoms of various diseases – from stress and anxiety to HIV, multiple sclerosis and the last stages of cancer. Due to the calming and anesthetic effect of cannabis, its use significantly alleviates the symptoms of various diseases – starting with pain syndromes of varying severity, and ending with inflammation and joint problems.


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